Long Beach – Limo Style

Long Beach Aquarium

Long Beach Aquarium

Long Beach, CA.  What’s not to like?  There’s the Aquarium of the Pacific, the Long Beach Pier, historic Long Beach Airport, the Long Beach Museum of Art, the Motorsports Walk of Fame, the Queen Mary, the Long Beach Harbor, plus Local Shops, biking, ocean views, restaurants, and more.

Queen Mary Long Beach

Queen Mary Long Beach

The Visit Long Beach website has a wealth of information on this harbor city in southern Los Angeles.  There’s a lot to see and do.  That said, it can be a little confusing getting to Long Beach.  Do you go through Palos Verdes, San Pedro, and across the Vincent Thomas Bridge?  Or do you take the 710 Freeway; with it’s numerous branches, forks and confusing signs… not to mention big rigs.

710 FwySo why not consider renting a limousine for a day trip to Long Beach?  No worries about getting there, no traffic to avoid, no parking hassles, just a quiet luxurious ride in the limousine of your choice.  Let us do the driving.  You sit back, take in the scenery, enjoy an adult beverage or two, and let us take you to all the Long Beach destinations you like.

Oscars 2

Lincoln Town Car stretch limo

We’ll drop you off, and will return to pick you up when you’re ready.  Leave your extra belongings in the car (jackets, snacks, etc.), and get them when you need them.  You won’t have to walk around like a pack-mule!

Chrysler 300 stretch limo

Chrysler 300 stretch limo

Depending on the size of your family or group, you can choose from either an executive SUV like the Chevy Suburban or Cadillac Escalade.  Need something bigger?  Well then you should consider the Lincoln Town Car stretch limo, or the Chrysler 300 stretch limo.  Both will accommodate up to 10 people.

Need something bigger still?  Well then, how about the Cadillac Escalade super stretch SUV limo?  Or the Hummer H2 super stretch SUV limo?  These bad boys can hold up to 20 passengers.

Cadillac Escalade Super Stretch SUV Limo

Cadillac Escalade Super Stretch SUV Limo

Still need more room?  OK then, how about a 40+ passenger limo bus?

Freightliner Luxury Limo Bus

Freightliner Luxury Limo Bus

Whichever vehicle you choose, it will be professionally chauffeur driven, getting you to all of your chosen Long Beach destinations with comfort and style.

Please visit our website, or give us a call.  We’re always open.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy your Long Beach day out!

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3 Responses to Long Beach – Limo Style

  1. Long Beach is a beautiful city, and one well worth visiting. It can be a bit confusing getting around, with the various freeways, harbor traffic and diagonal streets and traffic circles, so a limo is a great idea, especially if you don’t know the area.

  2. Yes, Long Beach is a hidden gem in Los Angeles. The shorline, the restaurants, the Queen Mary. Beautiful, and well worth a visit.

  3. suvlimola says:

    Long Beach is definitely a city to visit when in the LA area – even if you are a resident. So much to do and see. Thanks for the great post!

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