Date Night – Limo Style

Date Night.

Guys… we’ve all been here at some point in a relationship.  The point where we stop doing as much for our girl as we used to.  We’ve all been guilty of it.  We just take for granted that our ‘Sweetie’ knows we care, but we don’t go out of our way to really show it.


Inevitably, this leads to that discussion you don’t want to have… the one where she tells you you’re not being a very good boyfriend, and you need to do something to show her you care about her, and aren’t taking her for granted.

guy_thinkingSo, what to do… You need to make it clear that you still care and love her.  You can ask your male friends what to do – but most likely they won’t have any great advice, because they are likely in the same boat as you with their girlfriends!  So, you started searching the Internet for some ideas, and you stumbled across this blog post.  And, being a limousine service, we have a few suggestions for you!

Chrysler 300B Limo

It’s easy to look through our fleet and pick the perfect limousine – and if you have any trouble, you can always give us a call for advice.  Once the arrangements have been made, we can add any little extras you might want; like making sure her favorite wine is chilled and in the limo, flowers, you name it.  Then it just comes down to what you want to do for the evening.  Dinner, of course, but after that… how about a romantic cruise up PCH through Malibu?  Or if you’re in the South Bay, Palos Verdes is a great option.

PV at night

Sip an after dinner drink with your girl, take in the city lights, listen to her favorites on the stereo… yeah, she knows you care now.

couple in limo

Thanks for reading.  See you on date night!

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One Response to Date Night – Limo Style

  1. suvlimola says:

    A surprise limo date night is sure to impress – and ah… get you out of the ‘doghouse’ should you find yourself in that position.

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